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What is a tagboard?

With the miarroba.com tagboard service you may offer your visitors the chance to freely express their opinions, comments, worries, advertise their web pages, help their visitors, etc., all in a quick and easy way, without the complexity offered by the board service, but with the speed to answer in real time the published messages.

The service operation is very simple, as we can see on the example tagboard on the left. The tagboard is inserted in your web page and comes with a brief form to enter new comments. The tagboard gets edited with each comment and it updates separately to the rest of the page..

Tagboard service features

Customization of the visual appearance of the tagboard: size, colors, buttons, etc.

Customization of the tagboard options: number of messages, size of messages, word length, allow URL's in nicknames, display icons ahead of nicknames, etc.

Self-updating HTML code. The HTML code, based on javascript, is inserted and all changes carried out on the tagboard -size, colors, etc.- will be displayed in real time on the tagboard without editing the page.

Optional user registration with different nicknames for each tagboard.

Submission of messages by guest users, registered users, etc.

Automatic filtering of non allowed words. The list is customizable.

User ban, both by IP or user, temporary bans specifying whether is indefinite or the number of days

Historical record of all the messages published on the tagboard. You may filter them by users.

Management of registered users, display users by nickname or number of messages, ban, delete, etc.

Management of tagboard messages, where you can delete messages one by one, empty tagboard messages, etc.